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  • 2 Million Data
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Lists come in CSV format, Excel Format, or any needed, with broken down by zip.
If you’re running a telemarketing campaign, quality U.S. cell phone lists are a must. In 2020, 59.2% of US households had given up landlines entirely in favor of cellphones, meaning you need cell phone numbers to reach these potential customers.

Cell phone lists & Home phone lists also have the advantage of helping you reach a younger demographic and let your sales reps connect with people when they’re on the go. People carry their cell phones everywhere, so using targeted cell phone number lists ensures you have access to people even if they’re not at home or don’t have a landline. Also those who are aged cant’t go out you can target them through landlines.

There are other advantages as well. When you call a prospect, your potential customer will likely be able to make a purchase right away through their smartphone or landline potentially making conversions easier for you. If you obtain legal approval, cell phone numbers also let you contact your leads by text instead of phone message. Text messages are opened 98% of the time. Being able to reach people both by voice and text can give you more ways to be heard. code for ease of use along with the full files.

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